Friday, October 29, 2010

Bits and Bobs~

I went to too many places this October thanks to the visit of my Australian relatives. Tuvalu at Laguna Beach was delightful (I honestly just wanted to buy everything).
I also went to Disneyland with the cousins. The place was decked out with Halloween decoration.

The theme park has too many wonderful details that are easy to miss. I snapped my camera like mad when passing by these beautiful decoration (my lovely 14x zoom Canon is a saver).

Sunday, September 12, 2010

the girls and i had a small outdoor dinner on friday's night, and it was the best fun that i haven't had in a while. we used christmas lights wrapped with paper bubbles and candles to create the atmosphere. i won't upload any pictures of the food because the photos didn't come out nicely, but the menu was something like this:
appetizer: mozzarella and fresh tomatoes with basil
entree: spring rolls and fried bread with shrimps
dessert: short cake with ice-cream and strawberry

the lights turned out beatifully; after-dinner's activities include looking at abroad photos from last year, fun with horoscopes, and photos with mustaches (which we enjoyed too much).

Sunday, August 29, 2010

OC Foodie Fest

yesterday my friends and i went to honda center to drown ourselves in a sea of people and foodtrucks. good thing we bought our tickets online because they were sold out by the time we came.

we dove into the crepes; while my friend was trying to take out the onions in her order, a cameraman came by to showcase our messy crepes to the television.

the onion-hater and her love for bright color while waiting in line to buy our drinks. we actually gave the cashier the names of Inception characters. sadly she mistook Saito for something else and wrote Psycho on my other friend's cup instead. that was a good laugh.

~8,500 people came, and i can't say that i enjoyed the crowd because it took 1-2 hours staying in line for one trucks. we only managed to buy food from about 4-5 trucks...sadly. i also got my first sunburn ever (really), but i can't say that i didn't have fun. the event was enjoyable and it was for a good cause. plus, i got a chance to taste the most amazing red velvet cupcake!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Gloomy Weather

in california during july?! why, that is quite unheard of~
the heat wave just passed by like a storm and left us californians with nothing but cloudy days. this weather is perfect for studying though, but it can put you to sleep when you're just sitting there reading a 40 page art history article.

old pictures for amusement:
june 10th

i adore this shirt; the girl at the local coffee shop adores this shirt ♥

the meal at a local ramen shop came up to be about $25. i prefer pho really...

car coming out from the car show at the local summer festival at nearby park.

Monday, July 19, 2010

This is how life should be

My girl friends and I went to the OC fair that takes place annually in Orance Country, California. The weather was nice enough to spare us any problems. Though I have to admit, I ate more than I should at the fair (I did not dare to touch the fried Snickers or the bacon wrapped in chocolate though).

Wonderful-but-extremely-sweet pastries from the Greek food stand.

Captain America pose and me pigging out the banana split (which turned into a puddle of mushy cream 15 minutes later).

Art and craft from the Art Gallery. The second piece was made entirely of bread!

The colors of the lanterns caught my eyes; my old digital camera, however, refused to cooperate with me in the lit room.

My friends and I prepared this sign before we head to the Train concert at the Pacific Amphitheater in the evening. I love love amphitheaters since they offer an outdoor musical experience (kudos to the Romans for inventing this).

Good-bye OC fair. See you next year!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Want better camera

it's not every day to have balloons tied to your car and attract attention from other drivers on the street; but that's exactly what my friends and i did today. two bundles flew away and left me with the red bundle. what i ended up doing to that bundle...

chipotle's cup~

and sister's birthday celebration~

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Brighton reminiscence

i really want to go travel again.
last study-abroad trip to east sussex, uk was the best time of my life. what i would do to visit brighton and london one more time.
i wanted to buy those gadgets and bring them back to the states, but alas, they were expensive (and the phones are too big to stuff into my luggage).

Friday, February 12, 2010

Oh time oh sugar

i was willing to purchase this sweet little pocket watch from ohhellofriend (the shop sets up a stall at the vendor fair in my university today).
i absolutely love it~

do come and check out danni's blog/shop at ohhellofriend.
on the other notes, Starbucks' red velvet cupcake was delightful (their cupcake box's design looks pretty too). i never skip out an opportunity to try sweets.

tiramisu from local bakery. i did wish that it tasted close to the one i had in england. sadly, it wasn't as great as i expected it to be. it has a cute design though (the red candies are shoes).