Sunday, August 29, 2010

OC Foodie Fest

yesterday my friends and i went to honda center to drown ourselves in a sea of people and foodtrucks. good thing we bought our tickets online because they were sold out by the time we came.

we dove into the crepes; while my friend was trying to take out the onions in her order, a cameraman came by to showcase our messy crepes to the television.

the onion-hater and her love for bright color while waiting in line to buy our drinks. we actually gave the cashier the names of Inception characters. sadly she mistook Saito for something else and wrote Psycho on my other friend's cup instead. that was a good laugh.

~8,500 people came, and i can't say that i enjoyed the crowd because it took 1-2 hours staying in line for one trucks. we only managed to buy food from about 4-5 trucks...sadly. i also got my first sunburn ever (really), but i can't say that i didn't have fun. the event was enjoyable and it was for a good cause. plus, i got a chance to taste the most amazing red velvet cupcake!