Monday, July 19, 2010

This is how life should be

My girl friends and I went to the OC fair that takes place annually in Orance Country, California. The weather was nice enough to spare us any problems. Though I have to admit, I ate more than I should at the fair (I did not dare to touch the fried Snickers or the bacon wrapped in chocolate though).

Wonderful-but-extremely-sweet pastries from the Greek food stand.

Captain America pose and me pigging out the banana split (which turned into a puddle of mushy cream 15 minutes later).

Art and craft from the Art Gallery. The second piece was made entirely of bread!

The colors of the lanterns caught my eyes; my old digital camera, however, refused to cooperate with me in the lit room.

My friends and I prepared this sign before we head to the Train concert at the Pacific Amphitheater in the evening. I love love amphitheaters since they offer an outdoor musical experience (kudos to the Romans for inventing this).

Good-bye OC fair. See you next year!

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